Due to a recent policy change, the FMBooks Connector Online Plugin needs to be updated in order to continue using your iRestore QuickBooks integration. if your current Plug-in Version does NOT begin with a '3.0', you will need to remove the original plugin from each PC that integrates with quickbooks, and reinstall the connector.

We will need to update the current plug-ins within your iRestore before installation, in order to get the most up to date versions. Please send in a support ticket before attempting to reinstall to make sure your iRestore has the correct plug-ins!

1. First, open File Explorer.

2. Click View, then Check the Hidden Items box (We need to view hidden folders to reach where the Extensions are saved)

3. Go to Local Disk (C:) -> Users -> "Your PC Name" -> AppData -> Local -> FileMaker -> FileMaker Pro -> "version number" -> Extensions

4. Delete PCFMBooksConnectorOnline.fmx (Or 'PCFMBooksConnectorOnline.fmx64')

5. From the Extensions folder, Go to the "Saved" Folder

6. Delete PCFMBooksConnectorOnline.fmx (Or 'PCFMBooksConnectorOnline.fmx64')

7. Close File Explorer and go back into iRestore. From there, follow our guide below on installing the QuickBooks online connector and you should be updated and ready to use QuickBooks again!

(Note: If you install the new Plugin and it still shows that you are using a version older than 3.0, we will need to update the plugins in your system before trying again.)