Once your iRestore is connected to QuickBooks, you can begin sending jobs over as QuickBooks Customers. To do this, open the job detail of the job you would like to have sent to QB:

On the Billing Tab, you'll see several buttons and options for Quickbooks on the Job:

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Before hitting 'Send Customer to QB', you'll notice several fields below:

QB Customer/Job List ID: These fields should be empty, and will fill in once the Customer is sent to QB and connected back with iRestore.

Last QB Sync Time: This marks the last time that the job was synced (Get Job Details from QB) with Quickbooks.

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Create Subjob in QB:
If you use the SubJob feature in Quickbooks (Usually in the case of repeat Customers), you will want to make sure this is checked. This will create the Customer under the iRestore Customer Name, with the specific Job Number as the Sub Job as shown below:

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You can also set this to be checked by Default under Settings -> Quickbooks Connector
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The last two checkboxes are related to the Quickbooks Timer sync:

Send Job to QB: Tells the Timer Sync to send this job the next time it runs.
Job Sent to QB: Marks if the Job has been sent to QB from iRestore yet.