Installing the Quickbooks Desktop Connector

Installing the Quickbooks Desktop Connector should be done on any Windows PC that will be used to push and pull jobs to and from Quickbooks and iRestore. The installation only needs to be done once. Here are the steps for installing:

1.   First, Go to Settings from the Main Menu and then click on QuickBooks Connector:

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2.       Make Sure that ‘Quick Books Type:’ Is set to Desktop. Check the Operating Mode, if it says LIVE, then you are probably already installed. Skip to Step 3.

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If it does not say LIVE, then click Install and then Register.

3.       You will need to also install a file called the QB Bridge to get the connection fully established. You can get this installer file by contacting iRestore Support, who can provide the installer or set up a TeamViewer session to have it installed.

4.       Once everything is installed, click Test Connection (Make sure QuickBooks is running while doing this.)

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A Result of 0 means that it is working!

5.       You should now be installed and ready to use Quickbooks Desktop with iRestore.