In preparation for moving your database to our new server, here are the instructions to verify ALL your company computers are running the correct versions of FileMaker to avoid connectivity issues.

To check this on PC Windows, go to the search bar in the bottom toolbar and type "Add or remove programs" to bring up a list. Look for Filemaker Pro 18. If you do not see it displayed (or see a previous version), follow the instructions below to upgrade.

  1. Click the following link to download FileMaker:
  2. Save this file to your PC and use it at the next step: LicenseCert.fmcert
  3. The installer will ask for a License Key or Certificate. Choose License Certificate and click Browse for Certificate to find LicenseCert.fmcert wherever you saved it in Step 2.
  4. Continue installing the FileMaker application using the defaults when prompted. 

That is it. FileMaker 18 is compatible with both our older servers and our new servers, so when we migrate you to the newer servers, the move will be seamless.