Installing iRestore on iPad / iPhone


1. On an iPad or iPhone, tap on the following link to open FileMaker Go 16 in the App Store:

2. Tap “Download” (or the cloud icon if you do not see “Download”)

3. Tap “Done” (do not tap “Open”)

4. Come back to these instructions

5. Tap on the following link: (contact support for link)

6. If it says the website is trying to open Settings, tap “Allow"

7. Tap “Install”

8. If it asks for a Passcode, this is the same Passcode that is used to unlock the iPad / iPhone

9. It will warn you of an “Unverified” or “Unsigned” Profile – ignore this and tap “Install”

10. Tap “Done” and you will find the new iRestore icon on your home screen