1. From the search box type in “Add or remove programs”. Alternatively open the start menu > click settings > in the search box, type “Add or remove programs”.

  2. From the list, find the version on FileMaker you wish to uninstall. Click the Uninstall button and follow the instructions

  3. Now you are ready to install the 32-bit edition of version 16 of FileMaker. Click the following link to download FileMaker: Download link

  4. When it asks for a license key, type in the following (or copy and paste): 3J27T-283V9-XMJKK-K3KT8-J3MM3-JXX31-X8MTM

  5. Type in (or copy and paste) the Organization: At Your Service Systems

  6. For “User Name,” use your iRestore login that you received from your Administrator.

  7. Continue installing the FileMaker application using the defaults when prompted.

  8. If needed contact support for the “iRestore.fmpsl” file necessary. Once received put it on your Windows Desktop.
To connect to your database, double-click on the "iRestore" icon.