iRestore uses SMS / MMS email gateways for most text notifications. To add an employee's mobile phone to a notification list, you must first determine their SMS email. This is almost always their 10 digit number, followed by an email domain. For example, a Verizon user's text notification email would be

A table of the most common SMS / MMS email gateways can be found at the bottom of this page.

Once you have determined the address for the employee, you add it to their employee record.

1. Open the Employees list from the main menu.
2. Open the employee that you wish to edit.
3. Add their SMS / MMS email to the SMS Email field on the employee record. 
4. Turn on any notifications that this employee should be receiving in the box below.
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Common SMS/MMS Gateways (we recommend MMS for longer text messages):
Alltel Wireless (SMS & MMS) (SMS) (MMS)
AT&T Wireless (SMS) (MMS)
AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular)
Boost Mobile
Cricket (SMS) (MMS)
Metro PCS
Sprint (PCS) SMS) (MMS)
Sprint (Nextel) (SMS) (Rich Messaging)
Straight Talk
mobile-number@VTEXT.COM (SMS) (MMS)
T-Mobile (MMS)
U.S. Cellular (SMS) (MMS)
Verizon (SMS) (MMS)
Virgin Mobile (SMS) (MMS)