iRestoreSync creates a local database on your iPad so that you can run the job functions of iRestore even while disconnected from the internet. When you are back in range, you can then "sync" your data, which will do a bi-directional synchronization with the server, putting your changes on the server and bringing back changes from the server. These actions are initiated from the iPad menus.

These instructions are for first time use! After initially installing, your "offline" iRestore file will open automatically.

Start by using this button on your Main Menu to open the Offline file:

If this is your first time installing the iRestore offline file on this device, you will get this error. No worries! When you click the OK button, we will initiate a download of the offline file from the server. 

Very important! When you get to this screen, you must open this link in Safari for it to download properly. Please make sure that you hit the Open in Safari as soon as you are able:

The download is approximately 20Mb. Download times vary based on your Internet speed.
Once the file is downloaded, you can open it using the 'Open in "FileMaker Go"' button.

The first time you open the mobile file, we will need to import a minimum set of data. Make sure you hit the Yes button here:

You will then be in your iRestore Offline file! You should first initiate a Sync so that you have initial data in your file. Your first sync will take about 1-2 minutes, after that, synchronizations will be measured in seconds.

You can always go back online by using the "Go Online" button, and the next time you use the "Open Offline File", you will be brought right back to your offline file where you left off.

Always make sure to Sync and Sync often!